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Turkish Lig

The Super Lig is the top professional football league in Turkey. It is the top tier of the Turkish league system and is managed by the Turkish Football Federation. League consists of twenty professional football clubs. Three are promoted every year from the Süper Lig to the 1. Lig, the first division of Turkish football. There are over two thousand clubs registered in the Turkish Super Lig. The Turkish Super Lig is a very popular league to watch.

The Super Lig was founded in 1959 and featured the best clubs in Turkey. It was a prestigious competition, but there was no real relegation, as there were no places to go. That was until the 2. The Super Lig established in 1963, and the Milli Lig became the 1. Lig. A new second division started in 2001 and the league was rebranded as the Super Lig. Today, the Turkish Premier League is one of the most prestigious in the world, with clubs like Sevilla and Barcelona battling it out for the title.

Although the Turkish League is in an international competition, it is still a highly competitive league with many big names. The Bull of the Bosphorus, Hakan Şükür, is the most famous Super Lig player, scoring 249 goals in 489 appearances for Fenerbahce. The Super Lig matches played on weekends, with games starting in August and ending in May. The teams compete for the title every year. While it has remained a relatively traditional league, it has also branched out into more cities and is a much more varied experience than the top level.

Turkish super lig

The Süper Lig is the top division in Turkey. Thus there are 18 teams in the league, including two women’s teams. Each team plays two games a week, with one game at home and one away. The league is made up of eight rounds of matches, with each team playing two games each. The season has 34 games. So far, there have been no injuries and no major knockouts. A win or a tie is enough to win the title.

The top division in Turkey is called the Super Lig and features eighteen teams. Each team plays two games a week, with one match played at home and one away. Each team will play at least four games a year in the Super Liga. A champion in Turkey is crowned every two years, which means the league is a huge competition in football. But while the league is considered to be the best in Turkey, it has many disadvantages as well.

The Super Lig is the top level of Turkish football. There are two divisions. The first division is known as TFF 1. Lig, while the second division is called TFF 2. The third division is known as the TFF 3. Afterward, the teams in the Super Liga play in a playoff system to determine promotion. The third division has the highest number of teams, with Fenerbahce and Istanbul Basaksehir vying for the championship title.

Even though there are 18 teams in the League, three teams are relegated. The winning team receives three points, and the losing team earns one point. A draw is awarded one point to both teams. However, this league differs from most other European leagues in several ways.

Latest news in Super Lig

Trabzonspor will be looking to expand its advantage at the top of the Turkish Süper Lig when it visits Alanyaspor on February 20 for a Week 26 match.

Even though last weekend’s 1-0 victory over its nearest challenger, the second-placed Konyaspor, gave the Black Sea side a 12-point advantage over the Turkish champions.

As of this writing, Fenerbahçe is sixth, Beşiktaş is eighth, and Galatasaray is in 13th, all within three points of the drop zone.


Nevertheless, it gives more points to teams with a better head-to-head record, and a higher goal difference. While many European leagues have different systems, the Super Lig is the top level in Turkey.

Even though the Super Lig is not the most exciting league in the world, it’s a great place to bet on Turkish football. The best sites have a range of markets, competitive odds, and a large selection of markets. To start betting, you can create an account, deposit funds, and choose your markets. To learn more about the Super Lig, read our comprehensive guide. If you’re thinking about betting on this competition, don’t forget to check out our review.

In the end, the Super Lig is a very competitive league with many different teams. The top teams will be able to win the league every year. Furthermore, the finals will be contested every year, and the winner will be the one who wins the most matches in a season. Despite the high level of competition, the Super Lig is a great place to bet on Turkish football. You can find the best betting sites on the Super Liga below.

Turkish Super Lig Guide
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