Table Tennis Betting Strategy: Complete Guide for 2022 

table tennis betting strategy

As online betting becomes more popular, we will be able to wager on a wider range of sports. As a result, we can explore more interesting markets, such as table tennis. What do such sports have to offer the average punter, and how can you beat a bookmaker betting on table tennis? In our table tennis betting guide, you’ll find answers to these and many other questions.

Table Tennis Betting Rules You Should Know

Table tennis rules are similar in many ways to volleyball and tennis rules. However, some distinct differences distinguish the sport.

Table tennis players serve twice and then switch positions. The server usually has the advantage of winning more points on his serve in tennis. However, the serving factor in table tennis provides no tangible advantage to either side. A lot is determined by an athlete’s playing style.

In volleyball, the team serving the ball will frequently have a scoring advantage.

In addition, unlike in some volleyball competitions, points can be awarded to either team regardless of who served the ball. Table tennis rules may differ between competitions depending on the tournament’s status and regulations. This includes the match length.

Table tennis rules, like tennis and volleyball rules, include out-of-bounds areas where players will not score and will forfeit the serve. Hitting the net on the service requires a re-serve in both tennis and table tennis, whereas, in volleyball, the point is immediately awarded to the opposing team.

Table Tennis Matches Format

Table tennis matches can last five or seven games, with the player needing three or four wins to win the match. Generally, the sportsbook’s line depicts the match’s format (five or seven sets).

This distinction is critical when betting on the first game’s over/under or the winner. Table tennis games are played to 11 points. If both teams are tied at ten, the ball will be served alternately after each point until one team has a two-point lead and wins.

Singles competitions are played in seven sets at the Olympic Games, World Championships, and high-ranking World Tour tournaments, with four wins required.

Each match in doubles competitions and smaller tournaments will last five sets.

table tennis betting strategy

Concerning Table Tennis Betting

Table tennis is not a popular sport to bet on, but the best online betting sites do offer it. What distinguishes table tennis betting from football betting? To begin with, the main factor is bookmakers’ lack of knowledge and, as a result, the possibility of finding incredible value. 

It is sometimes shocking how even the top online bookmakers set the odds, leaving you wondering where they get them. In the majority of cases, they are most likely motivated solely by the ranking, ignoring far more important factors. They may be using a simple formula with a large error margin that overestimates the odds by up to 40%, giving punters a huge advantage!

We’d like to use football to demonstrate this.

Assuming Manchester United plays its strongest lineup against Wolverhampton, the following odds are set for the Draw No Bet market: Man Utd – 2.87 (187/100), Wolverhampton – 1.44 (11/25). Every football fan or punter would immediately notice that something is not as it should be and that the odds should be reversed. Football is so popular that the market would confirm the odds within a few hours (or even less). However, in the case of table tennis, bookmakers may make mistakes due to a lack of knowledge.

The Most Common Table Tennis Bets

Moneyline bets spread and totals are the most common types of table tennis bets. These can be made for both the overall match performance and the specific set. Bets on the totals of individual tennis players in a set or match are also available at sportsbooks with a good selection of bets.

Standard types of bets are available in the table tennis sportsbook lines.

  • Outcome/Victory
  • The total number of games/sets is
  • Over/Under results
  • Various types of handicap

Betting on handicaps and totals is possible in both the number of points scored and the number of sets. As a result, depending on the type of bet, the strategy for betting on table tennis will differ.

Knowing how many sets will be played before betting on a handicap or total for the entire match is critical. As previously stated, table tennis matches can last five or seven sets, resulting in three or four wins in games, depending on the length of the tournament.

Betting Strategies for Table Tennis 

Setting a budget is the first step in developing any betting strategy. This budget should include discretionary funds that are not tied to any specific financial obligations.

The next step is to decide which options to bet on. This could include future odds for upcoming table tennis events. These odds are usually the first to be released.

Individual matchup odds will be added to the betting board as the competition approaches.

Learn about the field’s key competitors. Avoid betting on upsets in the early rounds because the cream will rise to the top. Going chalk (betting on the favorite) is always a viable table tennis betting strategy.

As the competition progresses, keep an eye out for betting opportunities. If there are a few major upsets along the way, the entire complexion of the tournament will change as the tournament moves into the medal rounds.

Set wagering limits for each wager. Any table tennis betting strategy should include money management.

Live Betting Strategy for Table Tennis

Because of the incredible speed and dynamics of the game in live bets, profitable offers with good odds can emerge. To be able to capitalize on these opportunities, you must first understand the pre-match odds and how evenly matched the opponents are.

Make sure you have a strategy for live betting during the game and that your bets are based on a well-thought-out plan. If one of the opponents wins the first two sets in a relatively even match on pre-match odds, it makes sense to bet on the losing player to win the third set.

The amount of the bet should be calculated in such a way that even if the third set is lost, the amount of the bet on the fourth set can be increased. The end of the match can stay in the plus, thus “catching up” and finishing the game with a profit.

This works because it is uncommon for one of the opponents to win 4-0 in a match consisting of seven games and equal opponents. If the underdog wins the first set, you can bet on the favorite to win the second set.

Sportsbooks in the United States will always have odds on the competitions available due to the uncanny rise in the popularity of table tennis betting. Typically, these will be odds on a few major lines for each table tennis match in the Russia Liga Pro.

The most popular betting line for table tennis is match betting. For other sports, this is the equivalent of moneyline betting. Table tennis odds for match betting will often be close in the Russia Liga Pro, as they resemble the competitiveness of the sport at a professional level, but major favorites can also emerge.

Regardless of whether there are underdogs and favorites in each table tennis match, the odds difference between the two is rarely significant. Instead, players can expect to see even odds for underdogs and -200 odds for favorites.

Table tennis odds can change very quickly when betting live, so staying focused is essential when making those split-second bets. Furthermore, spread betting or handicap betting can quickly change a player’s status with just a couple of points either way.

In other sports, such as football, the spread is intended to equal both teams. However, in table tennis, this is not always the case, which demonstrates the lack of a talent gap in many matchups.

Choosing Sportsbook for Table Tennis 

For the first time, bettors in the United States can legally wager on table tennis during the Summer Olympics. The betting board for the sport is the best way to choose a US sportsbook.

Another critical aspect of the selection process is available in specific states. There are nearly 30 states that allow some form of legal sports betting. However, only half of those markets provide online legal sports betting via mobile sportsbook apps.

Table tennis betting is popular, especially during a global event like the Summer Olympics. Nonetheless, this is not one of the most popular betting sports in general.

Studying the overall betting board at any legal US sportsbook is always a viable strategy in the search process. In addition, sports bettors should learn about the sports betting options available at each book. This will aid in narrowing down your search for table tennis betting options.

Betting on Table Tennis Final Thoughts 

Table tennis betting is similar to betting on any other sport that features head-to-head competition. The quality and depth of the field determine the competition.

Summer Olympics and World Table Tennis Championships provide the most intense competition. All of the regional tournaments were held worldwide leading up to these two events. In addition, league play allows you to bet on table tennis on a regular basis.

Any interest in table tennis betting should be proportional to the level of interest in the sport itself. The most successful sports bettors in the world are those who genuinely enjoy and follow the sports they wager on.

Table Tennis Betting Strategy: Complete Guide for 2022 
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